In 2024 4 Estações Instituto de Psicologia will turn 26 years old. It goes without saying that it has grown up over the years. However, it has succeeded in far more than that, 4 Estações Instituto de Psicologia has developed a very peculiar way of working with matters involving losses, bereavement and important changes that occur in the individual and community lives.

The proposal presented by 4 Estações Instituto de Psicologia becomes evident in affirmative actions to:

promote access to well-qualified psychological care provided by the Clinic-School inaugurated in 2007, whose top priority is to provide care for bereaved low-income people.
increase the psychologist professional performance possibilities to face the modern demands, by empowering them with technical competence and ethics to meet such challenge.
establish partnerships with organizations that associate the care for people in situation of vulnerability with ethical attention to the background of their professionals.

Throughout the 26 years of existence of 4 Estações Instituto de Psicologia, the world went through situations that led to changes in the system of creeds, to the need of a new attitude towards the use of natural and human resources and to the adoption of a participatory posture in many aspects involved in the preservation of life. The science breakthroughs, especially in the people’s health care field created a need for reflection on Ethics and Bioethics, with an opening for a systemic and non-linear thinking. The awareness of human participation in climatic changes and the use of resources available in the worldwide computer web allowed us to exceed limits and obliged us to admit our responsibility for the events that affect us and the next generations in a global scope.

The world has also seen the escalation of violence and painful manifestations of intolerance. Similarly – or would it be in consonance? – the expansion of the perception of the human being as complex, singular and in context led us to face the need for finding ways of dialogue to communicate ourselves using new codes.

Throughout this period, 4 Estações Instituto de Psicologia has not merely accompanied such changes; it has also acted as a protagonist by playing a role in its scope of action. By forming professionals to work in bereavement situations, we responded to the need for increasing the field of action with qualification and ethical posture. By expressing ourselves in public in the face of situations that endangered the physical and moral integrity of the human being, we have also indicated the need for preventive and corrective measures in the presence of such risks. By opening the field to multiprofessional conversation that would allow the interchange among several fields of knowledge involved in the phenomenon that is the focus of our studies and actions, we demonstrated that we were sensitive to the need for enlarging consciences beyond the technique domain, with the concern of instructing qualified and conscious professionals.

4 Estações relies on IPÊ - Intervenções Psicológicas em Emergência, a nucleus that since its foundation in 2001 has been having the opportunity to afford to its partners psychologists a sound knowledge in the area of intervention services in technological, human or natural accidents, crises in work environment and limit situations. Through the action exercised by IPÊ and other partner psychologists, 4 Estações responds to the demands of specialized care in emergency and bereavement situations and occupies an outstanding position in Brazil and abroad in view of the excellence of its performance and the background of its members.

Furthermore, since 2006 4 Estações counts on the Psycho-Oncology nucleus to offer a proposal to instruct and render assistance in the area of Psychology-Oncology interface.

By the time we make an appraisal of the 26 years of existence of 4 Estações Instituto de Psicologia, it is impossible to deny our satisfaction for having formed partnerships with respect, for having a place in the scientific community where we are also respected and highly regarded, as well as for accomplishing the mission that guide us since the first moment that we felt that the dream had to be translated into action with excellence.

Therefore, we wish a long life to 4 Estações, so that we can continue with this proposal and maintain the credibility we have conquered.

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