In April, 1998, 4 Estações Instituto de Psicologia opened the doors of its first office. In that nice little house, a group of psychologists gave birth to a project that had started years before, with studies and actions, in Brazil and abroad.

The main project of 4 Estações was to be a place to study and care, in a perspective of transitions, changes, making and breaking of affectional bonds. Thus the name, that means Four Seasons. Life is made and remade along the natural circles, as the seasons of the year.

Since then, we saw 4 Estações growing as parents see children growing: crowling, followed by the first daring steps, and now we can stand up in the way that we choose to walk on. There is no doubt that we have the acknowledgement of those that try to understand the ways to care for bereaved people and that, at the same time, learn with this experience, with lessons of sympathy that we can not and we do not want to forget.

In our classes and training programs, that can happen in our venue or in other venues where we are invited to work, if that is more convenient, we address John Bowlby's Attachment Theory, caring for the carer issues (in the family or in the staff), grief in different circumstances (due to violent situations, after a long period of illness, along the life cycle. We work with professionals from various fields of knowledge, psychologists, medical doctors, social workers, members of the clergy, funeral directors, educators, and many others.

We offer the first course on post-graduation level (latu sensu) on Grief and bereavement in Brazil, with 374 working/studying hours, inclusive of training in important institutions in São Paulo, that have a partnership with us, aiming at providing better services for patients without recovery possibilities, bereaved people, family and carers.

We find very rewarding doing workshops for bereaved people, when a special time of the year is coming, which means a celebration that brings about sad feelings, like Mothers Day or Christmas. We also have workshop for carers, aiming at quality of life.

Participants of almost every state of Brazil were present in our courses and scientific events. We also participate frequently of activities in international organizations, to promote our updating in knowledge and experiences. ADEC and NADA/F are examples of these organizations. We are also members of scientific societies, together with a continuous education programa, such as Mastership and Doctorate.

Now, at its 26th year of existence, 4 Estaçoes is an asset, both in Brazil and abroad, for matters related to loss and grief. We are proud of this result because we share it with all those that believed in our dream and that were by our side along these years.

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